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Rapid Problem Resolution (RPR)

image of Rapid Problem Resolution Problem Management ProcessProblem Management Process – Rapid Problem Resolution (RPR)

This process has 3 key phases, which make up the Rapid Problem Resolution Problem Management process:


  1. Gather and analyse existing information
  2. Choose a specific symptom


  1. Create an action plan to capture definitive diagnostic data
  2. Identify the cause


  1. Identify and implement a fix

This Problem Management Process can have additional stages added or removed to fit in with its requirement.

Rapid Problem Resolution Conclusion:

Although I have studied this process I have not seen it adopted successfully in many instances. Or to be more specific I think this fits into the Problem Management Process as an add-on to an existing process rather than an absolute process. The main reason is that this Rapid Problem Resolution process requires a recurrence. This goes against the grain for me, ideally I want to identify the cause and fix it prior to a recurrence. There are times when a recurrence is required and additional diagnostics tools are deployed but this would be part of a root cause investigation not the only route. The other major flaw with this process is it requires you to select one symptom. This can be helpful in some scenarios; however it can also mean disregarding useful information, which can slow down root cause investigations. For example if customers are unable to access an application, that is very useful to a problem investigation, it highlights components that could be a potential cause. If further information is added such as ‘customers are unable to access all applications’ then this narrows down the components that could cause the impact, leading to a speedy Problem Management investigation and fix.

In short a good addition to a Problem Management process, however not one that should be used in isolation.

If this Problem Management process interests you get in touch and I will be happy to provide additional information on my experience, or alternatively further information can be seen here.

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